How long have you been a photographer?

I have been working as a full time photographer for almost 4 years.

How did your journey into photography start?

I was that annoying type who points the camera at you at every event. During our impromptu holidays to America, where me and my husband spent 2 weeks driving down Route 66, I took almost 10,000 photos. He was bored of the sight of the camera, but after we got back, when showing those images proudly to everyone, I think in a way he almost appreciated my annoying nature, where every moment needs to be captured for posterity.

In a professional capacity though I never shot outdoors. Things are best predictable and controlled. I started photographing newborns 4 years ago and focused all my effort on that age. Then suddenly I realise all my clients are growing up and their parents enquire about further sessions. Then I discovered the passion that took me in a completely new direction. I now photograph as many sitters and cake smash sessions as newborns. 7 months is by far my favourite age. You get so much personality shining through, yet my models are still adorably squishy!

What made you become a Newborn Photographer?

I had a bet with my husband. We had some photos taken of my daughter and looking at them over time, I realised they were quite bland. I told him I think I could have been done better, to which he replied: "well, do it better". So I did. When I won the Newborn Photographer of the Year title this year, I send him a photo saying "told you I am ok at this pixel fondling!"

Now that I ticked the newborn box, I would love to get better at outdoor photography. This is my challenge for 2019.

What do you enjoy most about newborn Photography?

As a mother of one, and being the least maternal person on the planet, I decided not to have any more children. This does not mean I don't like kids. I love them all, just for short periods of time. This job allows me to get the "baby fix" and cuddles without waking up at 4am to feed them.

Apart from the cuddles, I love the fact that as photographers, we can offer parents such a precious and priceless gift of memories. It makes all the effort worth while.

Do you style your session in advance, do you liaise with clients or do your own thing. What prop would you not be without, and what's your go to colour!

I make all the styling decisions at the consultation stage. Parents tell me not only about their favourite colours, but their home, current and the ideal one they would love to have. They tell me about the furniture they own. One of my clients told me she has her house designed by Philippe Starck and that tells me more about her style than any forms or emails. I like to call my clients and get right down to their wants and needs so that at the session we make next to no styling decisions, and I let my clients relax and use this time to catch up on their thoughts.

I don't have a favourite colour or even a favourite style. You will find me working with a plethora of pinks, greens, neutrals and yellows. I adore black and white and shoot a lot of monochrome, but I also shoot fluorescent lilacs and reds.

When it comes to favourite props though, I could not live without my w
ooden bed. It's a go to prop whenever I get an unsettled baby. 

As a less visible prop, the one thing that changed my photography for the better was using posing beans from The Original Photoblocks. They have been copied to death but no copy will ever be the same. They make my flow of poses faster and keep my models firmly in place.

What are your go to products for Baby Props, and what do you feel about the service you recieve from us?

The service is always exceptional, no matter what I need. I find the service is something that can make or break a business in many way, and a lot of business owners brush this under the carpet, so it's great to work with Sally as she understands this concept well.
I adore all the fabric backdrops as they literally don't crease and are as thick as I like them, which is great as they usually do not require any blankets underneath.

More of Maggie's stunning images can be found on www.dinkyfeet.co.uk